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Welcome to Vital Informer

Vital Informer was started by a group of Homoeopathic doctors in 1992.

Helllooo After passing out from college, many difficulties were faced by the new comers. There were many associations, but no one could help in any way except offering memebership for their association. Thus a need was felt to have a platform where we can raise our voice to reach to Govt and masses. Also where we can discuss our difficulties, achievements and reach to fellow professionals at large. Idea of Vital Informer came form the difficulty faced from getting the people in one group. It was decided to reach to people rather calling them to us.

The idea grew and came out in the form of 1st issue of Vital Informer in Feb 1993.

Since then Vital Informer has never seen back. It is continuing its mission inspite of all odds and threats. Not even a single issue has been missed or delayed (except one in 1996 due to some technical reasons from Registrar News Paper of India).


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